New La Crosse Billboard has abortion promoters flustered

Just days after posting billboards in the city of Milwaukee equating abortions with black genocide Pro-Life Wisconsin, an organization that fights all forms of birth control and abortions, has erected two signs in La Crosse featuring ultrasound images the organization claim represent the baby Jesus in the Virgin Mary's womb.

Placed over the fetus in the billboards is a miniature halo. "He's on His Way. Christmas Starts with Christ," the sign reads, linking viewers to, described by a Pro-Life press release as a Christian nonprofit in England that sponsored the campaign there.

"Even without the marvels of modern ultrasound technology, far before Christ was born in a manger, He was recognized as a unique and significant individual," said Peggy Hamill, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, in the press release. "It makes perfect sense to fast forward biblical accounts of the baby in Mary's womb to what Jesus would look like in modern ultrasound."

The signs are the latest salvo in Pro-Life Wisconsin's stepped-up campaign---weeks after the election flipped political power in the state to Republican rule---to dismantle abortion rights in Wisconsin. Virginia Zignego, the group's communications director, told me a couple of days ago that the organization is also gearing up to try to get rid of a controversial state law passed last year requiring comprehensive sex education, including information about birth control, in Wisconsin schools. Supporters of the law claim it is desperately needed to combat an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases among teens in the state.

Two days ago I blogged about 13 Milwaukee billboards, also erected this week, which feature an image of a worried-looking black child and the words BLACK CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER TOO MANY ABORTED in block letters. Those signs, like the two in La Crosse, were also erected with help from out-of-state anti-abortion organizations.

It's hard not to wonder what billboard Pro-Life Wisconsin will put up next in Wisconsin.
Wis State Journal

Hmm, I'll have to take a look.  Has anyone seen them? 

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