The usual suspects of Wis women religious support pro-abort public unions

GREEN BAY — Eleven communities of women religious in Wisconsin have joined together to issue a statement in support of the rights of workers. The statement was released Feb. 26. Below is the text of the statement.

As Wisconsin Catholic Sisters, our faith and experience of working alongside and educating many Wisconsin citizens compel us to share our voice in response to what has been occurring in our Legislature. We are deeply concerned about Gov. Scott Walker's plan to strip basic human rights[that's just silly] — including the right to [unlimited] collective bargaining  — away from public employees[what about non-public employees?  When do we get to collectively bargain?  I think the government should give us all a job with these benefits!  What's the problem in that?]. Our religious tradition teaches us that all working men and women have inherent dignity and the human right to form associations to improve their work conditions.  [Nobody is denying that]

Our state as well as our nation needs to respect the rights of workers to organize and have a voice. Not only is the right to [unlimited] collective bargaining essential, it has been repeatedly affirmed by the Catholic Church. In the 1986 pastoral letter, "Economic Justice for All," the U.S. Catholic bishops[ROFL!! They invoked the USCCB after time and time again thwarting every pro-life effort, every doctrinal teaching, every sneeze they have made.] stated, "No one may deny the rights to organize [again, nobody is denying a right to organize] without attacking human dignity itself. Therefore, we firmly oppose organized efforts, such as those regrettably seen in this country, to break existing unions or prevent workers from organizing."  [Oops, you forgot to justify your claim that unlimited collective bargaining is "essential"]

Recognizing the economic challenges facing Wisconsin, public service unions have agreed to a reduction of benefits and wages. Gov. Walker must also be willing to negotiate[for at least 18 months] a solution for the common good of all Wisconsin citizens, one which will not take away the bargaining rights of his fellow public servants.  [Who is he supposed to negotiate with?  The Illinois resort hotel manager?  The senate Democrats chose rather to leave town than negotiate.]

We unite our voices to those of the Catholic bishops[for the first time in 60 years], leaders of other faith traditions and people of good will throughout the state and nation calling upon Gov. Walker and our legislators to respect the rights of Wisconsin public workers to organize and to engage in [unlimited] collective bargaining.

Wisconsin Catholic Sisters
The Compass has a list of all 11

The sisters have offered to foot the bill for the colossal cost of the benefits in question perhaps? 

How many of these sisters officially work for the Obama administration... it's more than zero


  1. Thanks, Matt, for your publicity in support of Wisconsin Catholic Sisters support for workers' rights. The Holy Cross Sisters of Merrill would like their name added to the list of signer. Sister Theresa Sandok,OSM

  2. Sister, thanks for reading. Would you ever consider support for pro-life efforts?

  3. .....still waiting for an answer?.......


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