Friday Fanatic: substitute teacher edition

Let's face it amigos: when Matt extended the invitation to join him as a contributor here at the Badger Catholic, I accepted with the hopes that one day I might be able to post the Friday Fanatic.

That excellent day has arrived.

Now for the bad news: since I first started dreaming of posting the Friday Fanatic, I've had one--and only one--selection in mind: Eve 6's Open Road Song. Now that we're allegedly in summer, I simply couldn't think of any better way to tear open the weekend. I think Matt and I are in agreement that Eve 6's debut album from back in 1997 is one of the more underrated CDs from our lifetime. I saw Eve 6 at Summerfest back in 2003. They were excellent and after we repeatedly shouted, "Play the Open Road Song!" at the top of our lungs, the front man said, "They want the Open Road Song. I think we can do that." A great moment, my friends.

That said, as I was all set to fire up the video, it turns out that it includes content not suitable for a Catholic blog. Drats.

In fact neither were the next couple videos I thought I'd post. Maybe I ought to try something that is clearly wholesome.

You know, generally, I'm not a huge fan of the Christian genre of music. But my wife and I have taken a liking to NeedToBreathe. Here's a single that we're partial to. (Bonus points for not spelling it "Need2Breathe." Using the numbers "2" and "4" in place of the words "to" and "for" is  pet peeve of mine.

A tremendous Friday and weekend to you all.

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  1. It does??? Hmm, we need our own version. We simply must find a way to make it happen. Open Road Song, summertime, windows down, my friend lonesome!


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