Wisconsin JFC approves new test protocols, limits adoption of Common Core in the future

Has the Dharma Initiative really been shut down?
[Madison, Wisc...] Wisconsin is still on the path to adopting Common Core State Standards in reading and math when new standardized tests are instituted in a few months. However, any other initiatives that would have relied on Common Core will have to wait.

The Joint Committee on Finance approved a motion that would ensure that the state takes a comprehensive look at Common Core based initiatives in the future. Representative Dean Knudson (R-Hudson) called the plan a way to "hit pause" on the adoption of these standards while the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) can fully research how the oft-debated program will effect the state's schools and students.

The motion requires DPI to publish an evaluation of the common core standards, the formation of a legislative study committee and the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to prepare a fiscal impact statement. The study committee would be required to perform a comparison between common core and current standards, analyze best practices in adopting standards and evaluate the costs associated with implementing the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers assessment and the Smarter Balanced assessment by schools.

This evaluation process will also include no fewer than three public hearings that will give residents of Wisconsin their say in the matter.

This motion will not impact the implementation of two new testing programs for Wisconsin's students. The state will adopt SMARTER Balanced testing in grades 3-8 and the ACT testing suite in grades 9-11 to gauge student growth and achievement in reading and math. However, it will delay any move to institute tests or standards in other subjects - namely science and social studies. These new tests, which will replace the outdated WKCE standard assessment, will be introduced in public schools for the 2014-2015 school year.
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If you want to know what is so terrible about Common Core, check out Crisis Magazine: Saving the Uncommon Core of Catholic Education.

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  1. thanks for getting this out there...its such a leviathan and we probably only have a year to throw the whole thing out before it takes hold and the state is without any authority on the matter


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