St. Anthony’s relics to visit St. Josaphat Basilica June 8-9

via Madison Catholic Herald
MILWAUKEE -- After successful visits to the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey this past February, and to Southern California in April, two important relics of St. Anthony of Padua are returning to the United States for a nine-day tour of Illinois and Wisconsin.

The event, organized by the Messenger of St. Anthony magazine directed by the Franciscan

Friars of the Pontifical Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy, marks the 750th anniversary of the discovery of the saint's incorrupt tongue by St. Bonaventure.
St. Anthony died in 1231, and was buried in a little church outside the walls of the town of Padua.

In 1263 his remains were transferred to the newly constructed Basilica. Present at this ceremony was St. Bonaventure in his capacity as Minister General of the Friars Minor.

When St. Anthony's coffin was opened, and it was found to contain only bones and ashes, with one exception: the saint’s vocal apparatus was found to be intact, and in particular his tongue was still red and soft.

At the sight of this miracle, St. Bonaventure exclaimed in awe: "Oh blessed tongue, that ever praised the Lord, and led others to praise Him! Now it is clear how great are your merits before God!"

The tour, which starts on Saturday, June 8, in Milwaukee and ends on Sunday, June 16, in Chicago, will be a great occasion to reflect upon one of the most popular saints in Christendom, venerated by millions of people all over the world.

The relics will visit Milwaukee at the Basilica of St. Josaphat, 2333 S. Sixth St., on Saturday, June 8, at the 4:30 p.m. Vigil Mass, and on Sunday, June 9, for the noon Eucharistic Celebration.

If you plan to attend, please let me know as a reader has some prayer intentions they would like to send with someone. 

Photo: Taylor Marshall: The Incorruptible Tongue of St Anthony of Padua

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