Fox News picks up on Fr. Rick's new confession app

Got a hankering to repent? There will soon be an “app” for that.

A Roman Catholic prelate from Wisconsin will become the first priest to log on to a soon-to-debut smart-phone application that seemingly renders the good ole’ fashioned church bulletin as outmoded as medieval indulgences, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the paper, the so-called My Confessor App will allow the faithful to keep up digitally with when their local priest is hearing confession, or the sacrament wherein Catholics recount sins to a “confessor” who , in turn, doles out penance, usually in the form of prayers.

“I want people to not feel uncomfortable asking about confession,” the Rev. Richard Heilman told the paper. “We want everybody ignited in the Holy Spirit.”

When accessed, the app will reportedly portray a red status box, which means “Father is OUT,” or a green status box meaning, “Father is IN.” It also includes a description of Reconciliation, as well as related tips.

Last time I talked to Fr. Rick, I thought he said there was some juridical stuff that went along with it, but he must have gotten permission from the bishop.  

ht Madison Diocese

image NYDailyNews

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