Fr. Z: VERY COOL PRIEST(Fr. Rick Heilman) with a SUPER COOL IDEA for HARD IDENTITY Catholicism

Yes, this one got me a little excited.

In the past I have posted about a very cool priest, Fr. Richard Heilman, pastor of glorious Pine Bluff, WI. You may recall that he founded a group called the Knights of Divine Mercy and that some months ago he switched to celebrating Mass ad orientem exclusively.

Fr. Heilman just celebrated his 25th anniversary, btw!

When they hauled the versus populum altar out of the church and into the rectory, I posted this:

Months later, here is an update.

I went to a celebration at the parish for Father’s 25th anniversary.  He wanted to show me what he did with that altar they hauled out of the church to the rectory.

As you step into the front door of the rectory, there is a small vestibule with three doors.  To the center, you enter the house.  I’ll get to the left in a moment.

To the right, you find this!
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