Yanke: Corpus Christi 2013 With Bishop Morlino

This year’s Corpus Christi procession in downtown Madison went fabulously. Below you can find photos by Tom Reitz of the day. I had the fun job of keeping both thurifers topped off and smokin’ as you can see in the 3rd and 5th picture!
Also, I want to give a shoutout and thank you to the Amberstein band, that was playing on the square this past Sunday. As the procession began to near their stage, they promptly stopped their music and stood in reverent silence for about 5 minutes, as the entire procession passed by.
I was not expecting it, but I was very happy they did. I intend to begin a thank-you-letter-writing campaign to them, and would encourage you to join me!
I did some research, and they can be reached at:
5325 Frosty Ln
Madison, WI 53705
I highly encourage you to take 5 minutes and thank them. People are so very quick to write hate mail. Encourage civil and positive behavior like this! Thank them!

more great photos over at From the Ordinary

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