Abortions ending in Green Bay

40 Days for Life National Director David Bereit and 40 Days for Life-Green Bay Coordinator Jim Ball enjoy lunch at Lambeau Field after a vigil in 2012 

From Fox 11:
GREEN BAY - The only clinic that provides abortions in Green Bay will end the medical procedure next week, according to federal court documents obtained by FOX 11 On Special Assignment.

The Ob-Gyn Associates clinic is familiar to many. It's located on Webster Avenue on the city's east side next door to Bellin Hospital in the Medical Arts Building. But FOX 11 has learned the practice is being sold, and the new owner, Bellin Health, will not provide abortions.
I think the money quote--and one that shows that the culture may, in fact, be changing--comes later in the article:

Jeff Mason is the former Chief Executive Officer of BayCare Clinics in Northeast Wisconsin. Now a medical consultant, he says Bellin's acquiring of Ob-Gyn Associates is a good business move.

"I think the service of abortion is an inflammatory one that causes a lot of emotion and negative branding and I don't believe any healthcare provider is well served by being in that business," said Mason.
Congrats to the pro-lifers in Green Bay!

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