Brewers offering $10 food/merchandise/ticket vouchers to game attendees in August

My family discussing Chesteron's views on distributism with Bernie Brewer

After what seems like a month of bad news, let's have a palate cleanser, shall we?

From the official site:

Fans should plan to bring their appetite for baseball, food and drink to upcoming games at Miller Park because for the month of August, the Brewers are treating.
All fans attending any of the 12 Brewers home games in August will receive a $10 voucher for free concessions, merchandise and game tickets at Miller Park.
After a terrible season of terrible players and the revelation that the team's biggest star is a cheater and a liar, do the Brewers really think they can just pay me to show up to Miller Park?

Well, if they do, they're exactly right. I'm already looking at ways to clear my schedule to get to more August games. Kudos to Mark Attanasio for investing in the fans.

ESPN has more:
"We were finalizing something like this to give back to our loyal fans just as news of Ryan's suspension hit," said the team's chief operating officer, Rick Schlesinger. "Mark decided he wanted to make a dramatic impact that would cost more money."
The best part of this promotion is that the vouchers can be combined. Most coupons for any store or vendor cannot be combined. But these can such that if my family wanted to buy, say, this $24.99 Yovani Gallardo bobblehead, we could throw our three $10 vouchers together and get it for free.

Now let's be honest: I'm almost certain to spend my vouchers on sausage, but it's nice to know I could get merchandise.

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