Pro-abortion rights analyst Robin Marty meets with Jill Stanek, says "contraception is necessary to be discussed"

Premier pro-life blogger Jill Stanek had a collegial meeting with pro-abortion rights political analyst Robin Marty.  Profound response regarding contraception. 
Who will win?

Simple question.

Robin answered, “Your side wins if you convince everyone there is a baby at the point of conception. Our side wins if we convince people this fight is not just about disallowing those who don’t want to be pregnant to not be pregnant, but it’s also about stopping people from not getting pregnant in the first place. This will end up being a game of who appeals most to the vast majority of people who aren’t taking a side.

“The topic of contraception is necessary to be discussed. We are focusing more on birth control not because abortion isn’t a winning issue but because we never thought birth control was in jeopardy. That’s frightening to us.
definitely read the whole post at Jill Stanek

The crux of the issue.

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