Milwaukee abuse documents roundup

Abp. Listecki making rounds with media, like this WTMJ interview(full interview):

Full interview, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Sklba question, Listecki defends)

That said....  it seemed the Archdiocese passed on the Wisconsin Public Radio interview

The Journal Sentinel has a section to the coverage.  (They apparently do not have url SEO capabilities)
Thousands of documents released by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on Monday include a long-ago report of an accused priest granted a temporary assignment in Washburn only to reoffend in his new location, a lawyer reviewing the files told the News Tribune and Superior Telegram.

“If he is willing to come to Superior to work for a time until he has readjusted himself to the life of a diocesan priest, I shall be happy to receive him,” Bishop William O’Connor of the Diocese of Superior wrote to Milwaukee Archbishop Moses Kiley about the Rev. Oswald Krusing in November 1942.
continue at Duluth Trib
Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki on Tuesday defended his predecessor's transfer of $57 million off the Roman Catholic archdiocese's books and into a special cemetery trust, saying Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now cardinal of New York, was simply ensuring that the funds would be used for their intended purpose.

A document released Monday as part of the bankruptcy shows Dolan sought Vatican approval for the transfer in June 2007, saying it would help protect the funds "from any legal claim or liability."

The letter was written just weeks before a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that allowed sex abuse victims to sue religious institutions for their actions in response to sexual abuse allegations under the state's fraud statute.
Jerome Listecki defends transfer of funds off archdiocese's books: Archbishop says Timothy Dolan preserved money for cemeteries, reports Annysa Johnson at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I assume the court will eventually rule for our Archdiocese on this, as it did regarding funds deposited with it by parishes for investment.

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