Pro-aborts worship the devil in Texas

Remember a couple years ago when tens of thousands of union organizers, unhappy with the governor's budget repair bill, came to Madison to ransack the Capitol? As the chaos erupted, Pro-Life Wisconsin held its biennial Day at the Capitol to promote citizen action in support of pro-life legislation. Unfortunately, the elected officials who were supposed to speak were warned to leave Madison because of the many threats against their lives. And when the day's participants went to the Capitol, law enforcement could not guarantee their safety.

That same sort of mob has now descended on Texas, as the Legislature attempts to pass a fairly modest abortion clinic regulation bill.

It's no surprise that the left resorts to these sort of tactics [WARNING: vulgar messages]. When absolute morality is denied, right and wrong lose their meaning, and societal behavior is government by sheer exercise of power. But what took place yesterday in Austin proved that any veneer of civility has been taken off:

The pro-abortion crowd has responded [to pro-lifers singing Amazing Grace] with repeated chants of "hail Satan."  It's taken us all day to get a video recording, but here it is.

I have decided not to watch the video because this sort of thing just makes me ill. The Blaze suggests that this is a stunt not intended literally to worship the prince of darkness:

Obviously, it is much more likely that the abortion supporters were chanting “Hail Satan!” to mock pro-lifers rather than actually hailing Lucifer, but anything is possible.

I'm not as sure. There's a strong correlation between people involved in the abortion industry and the occult. Without a doubt, some were intending to shock. But some mean it.

UPDATE: Abby Johnson tweets: ""@AbbyJohnson: My friend had two proaborts spit on her last night.Another one threw his cigarette butt on her. Pls keep praying. "

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  1. there is a silver lining - their desperate behavior is barometer of pro-life success


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