Quick roundup

Yes, it would seem that I have found a few minutes.

Bishop David Ricken preaches at the ordination of Fr. Ricardo Pineda, CPM, and Rev. Br. John Broussard, CPM – Preached in the Chapel of Divine Mercy May 25, 2013

Oshkosh church completes renovation

Pictures here.  Anybody have before pictures?

If anybody was wonder if the BC has "made it" yet, Vicki Mckenna is now following us on Twitter!  Glad we finally have her show in La Crosse.

Milwaukee archdiocese official picked for national education post

Organ concert series starts at Guadalupe Shrine

Winona Diocese priest jailed on accusations of fondling girl

My softball team was going to go to Old Style Inn(our sponsor) in La Crosse after our game a few Tuesdays ago, but someone was shot right outside last weekend.   We didn't go. 

I like this (Why would a diocese not send someone to the Catholic Media Conference???):
Catholic Herald staff members Mary Uhler, Pam Payne, and Steve Hefty are attending the 2013 Catholic Media Conference in Denver this week. Last night they heard an inspiring talk from Fr. Robert Barron giving six suggestions for making the New Evangelization more effective. Watch for more on this conference in the July 4 issue of the Catholic Herald.
I am looking a giraffes and penguins right now... well not at the same time. 

Have a great 4th everyone!


  1. Hey, so you're sending me to Denver to represent the BC, right?

    1. Seriously, if we both go can I write it off on taxes or something? Talk me into it.


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