Quick roundup

Pro-Life Wisconsin hires Marquette grad Emma Scuglik as new development director.

Tammy Basten begins tenure as Green Bay diocesan chancellor.

Bishop Morlino Bans Workshops by Professor, Campus Minister [old, from last year]

A man who voluntarily left the priesthood in 1972 has formally been removed from the clergy over an allegation that he sexually abused a boy in the 1960s, the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay announced Friday.

I heard that there may be a dust up at the Catholic Press Association because of the Fishwrap(Reporter). Can you believe in 2013 they are still winning all kinds of awards?!

LifeSite: Federal judge blocks Wisconsin pro-life law: would have shut down half of state’s abortion clinics

I have a graduation card for Ben Yanke that has been sitting on my counter in pile of papers for like two months.

Was in Marshfield at St. John the Baptist last week.  One of the best priests in the state stationed there(visiting priest for our Mass though).  Opening hymn was "All Are Welcome."  I think I literally face palmed.  There is no recovering when you start with the national anthem of hell.  He's got his work cut out for him.  Of course, I forgot my camera as well but will be worth a picture post next time.  .... I've been slacking on the church picture front as of late. 

I never did a follow up post on the Chicago trip.  The jist of it is Lou Malnati's pizza is tops.  Hmm, okay and here's a pic.

Okay, I guess that's it for now.  Successfully digging out of email but not making much progress on parish website.  Hmm, it seems like there was more...  Oh, one of the diocesan papers is looking at doing an article on the local blogging scene.  That's it for now. 


  1. The national anthem of hell???? Really I regularly read this blog however, for every great post I read there is an equal number of, "face palms." There is more to good Catholicism than ornate churches and ancient chant (though beautiful). Please consider the other side of the coin in your writing. You provide a great service but just how everything that is now happening in the church is not worth preserving, neither was everything that happened pre Vatican II. If I was considering joining the Catholic Church (I am a regular and faithful member already!) I am not sure your blog would make me want to join or go look for a different church. Perhaps your pius way of writing and looking down upon the good people of God who are just trying to live the gospel as best we can is the "national anthem of hell?" I'm not sure but regardless of the norms of the Church I am sure Jesus would say that everyone was welcome.

    1. http://badgercatholic.blogspot.com/2011/12/bishop-morlino-says-all-are-welcome-not.html

      "Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat."

      - Matthew 7:13

      Whom is not welcomed with open arms in hell? All are called to "this place," but to say that people who openly murder Christians in the streets are "welcome" is to spit on the grave of the martyrs of our time(ie Egypt this week). The "welcome" in this song teaches that God demands nothing for us, and we are to endure the torture of our current state our whole lives(and maybe even the next). Christianity is about transformation, not stagnation. The songs errors are not because it is not something like "ornate churches and ancient chant" because there are good modern hymns; the problem with this hymn is it contradicts Catholic theology, not just good liturgy.

  2. Emma will be a great hire for PLW. She was my student in high school and she's amazing!

    Good week for me (if I can brag). I also found out a former teen was recently consecrated a brother at St. John Cantius in Chicago! Please pray for him as he's working on a speech impediment in the hope that he can also go to seminary to be ordained a priest!

  3. The Bp Morlino article is several months old. Interestingly though, the Zen-inspired "eco-mystic" Ms. Hirschboeck is no longer listed on the faculty page of Edgewood's philosophy department: http://philosophy.edgewood.edu/pages/faculty.html

    1. Thanks Michael! I have to remember the dates. I don't know why Google trolls old pages like that sometimes.


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