Vigil for Life expands in Madison

Madison-based Vigil for Life has reported a dramatic increase in the number of babies saved from abortion at the local Planned Parenthood over the last few months.

The organization has held a public vigil to end abortion in front of Planned Parenthood every business day since January of 2011.
Touching hearts

“The Lord has used our witness to touch the hearts of abortion-vulnerable women and men,” said Vigil for Life President Bette Weisshaar.

“For all the rhetoric about a ‘woman’s right to choose,’ we know that most women have abortions when they feel they have no choice. Our presence and prayers have demonstrated our solidarity and support with women struggling with crisis pregnancies, and this encouragement has empowered many of them to choose life.”

Vigil for Life was established in 2007, but from then until 2012, its participants might only experience one or two confirmed saved babies a year.

Over the last six months, however, about five Planned Parenthood clients a month have decided to seek care elsewhere.
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