Abby Johnson: "I had to feel that heaviness."

I've had the opportunity to meet a number of pretty cool people in my lifetime. While I'm not his biggest fan, I met President Bush (the second one) a couple times (including once on the White House lawn). I met Brett Favre once. It's kind of fun to get the chance to shake hands with folks you're more accustomed to seeing on TV. But the only time I've been caught speechless was when I met former Planned Parenthood employee turned pro-life hero Abby Johnson.

I was at the March for the Life for the first time in January of 2010--just a few months after her conversion--at a 40 Days for Life event. I was talking to some of the leaders when Abby walked over to my circle. I imagine it was like the secular person's equivalent to having Michael Jordan drop in on your Super Bowl party.

In any case, Abby's got a great piece cross-posted on LifeSiteNews today that demonstrates her profundity and why I think her contributions to the pro-life movement will be remembered for a very long time.
I just stood there…and cried.  I closed my eyes.  I could feel their breath on my neck.  They were yelling inches from my ear. “Whose choice? My choice.”  I had forgotten what this darkness felt like.  I opened my eyes and saw a familiar face.  It was one of my former friends from Planned Parenthood.  

I smiled and waved when I saw her.  It was as if I had forgotten that we were no longer friends…not because of who I am, but because of what I now defend.  She mouthed something profane at me…very slowly so I would be sure to catch what she said.  Now I remembered.  We were not on the same side.  Our eight-year-long friendship was gone…no matter how much I had wished it wasn’t. 

I was standing in the largest rotunda in Texas State Capitol.  There were about five of us prolifers…thousands of people  surrounded us…people who supported abortion…people I used to be. 

Read on for more.

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