Our Lady of Hope Clinic spotlighted in Madison Capital Times

Photo from OurLadyofHopeClinic.org

The Madison Capital Times has a feature article out today on Our Lady of Hope Clinic--an authentically Catholic primary care clinic that also provides free care for the uninsured. As I've previously written here, I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the clinic.
Earlier this year, Rod Keller needed about $600 for lab work to get his annual prescription for diabetes medication. For a part-time, property maintenance worker, that's a lot of money." 

I really couldn't afford to do it," says Keller. 

Concerned about Keller's health, his employer told him about a free medical clininc [sic] on Madison's west side. 

"They got my blood work and got it done for free," Keller says. "And they prescribed some medication for me that's been helping my diabetes tremendiously [sic]  -- saved me a ton of money that I didn't have."
Dr. Michael Kloess and Our Lady of Hope Clinic's volunteer staff are doing an incredible job, but the Capital Times is an incredibly liberal publication with readers who follow suit. Do the clinic a favor and leave a favorable comment on this article.

Click here to donate to Our Lady of Hope Clinic.

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