Abp Listecki: Cardinal Harvey Fest

Last weekend was “Cardinal Harvey Fest” in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. It was a joyous occasion as we finally had the opportunity to celebrate the elevation of Archbishop James Harvey to the College of Cardinals. These events allowed many who did not have the opportunity to attend the consistory, where Pope Benedict XVI elevated Archbishop Harvey to the rank of Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, to congratulate the cardinal in person.

Everyone who has known Cardinal Harvey throughout the years has come to understand what a prince of a man he is. His graciousness, gentility and humility are grounded in a deep and profound love for Christ and His Church.

Cardinal Harvey was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in 1975 and has always been grateful to God for his vocation, as well as to the community of our archdiocese, which fostered his call to priesthood. He has never forgotten his roots and many who have been fortunate to visit Rome have discovered a piece of Milwaukee at the Vatican. Cardinal Harvey’s positions have placed him in direct relationship with some of the great ecclesiastical figures of the modern age, such as Pope Benedict XVI and the soon to be Saint John Paul II. Even so, Cardinal Harvey was a quiet, behind the scenes servant, who always displayed a joy in whatever priestly role he was assigned.

Last Friday, a Solemn Evening Vespers was celebrated in the Mater Christi Chapel at the Cousins Center. It was here that Cardinal Harvey started his studies for the priesthood. His thoughtful words that night reflected memories of professors and classmates who contributed to the journey – all for the love of Christ and His Church.
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  1. He has been rewarded for protecting Weakland and Sklba all these years!


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