Cdl Dolan on A-Rod suspension

I pray with and for Alex Rodriguez as I would with anybody who is going through personal difficulties.  But I am kind of grateful that baseball is in reform mode.  Lord knows we in the Church are, right?  ‘Ecclesia semper reformanda,’ the Church always in need of reform.  And so is baseball.  It’s constantly trying to clean up its act and I’m glad they are because it is important to us.  It is important to the psyche of the nation, isn’t it?”
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  1. Who cares? "...important for the psyche of the nation...." Hardly, while the nation is suffering under the oncoming threat of obamacare, and the current economic situation, recent laws enacted to protect homosexual "marriage" and many other ills in this death and filth nation? Why isn't this Prince of the Church speaking about important things concerning the Church and civil life, instead of sports, of all things?. Can you imagine what it would be like if he had been elected pope in the last conclave?


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