Great pic of Cardinal Burke consoling boy too young to receive First Communion

Louis [the child] was so sad that he couldn’t receive 1st Communion; he was in tears. When he said hi to Cardinal Burke, I explained to the Cardinal why he was sad and Louis just leaned into him and cried. His Eminence embraced him so lovingly and told him, “don’t worry, your first Communion will come soon enough!”

I love that Louis poured out his sorrow to him like the shepherd that Cardinal Burke is… so dear!
via Father Z


  1. Amazing the tears of a child.
    Louis brings tears to my eyes , when was the last time I cried becuase I could not receive Jesus in Holy Communion ...
    I hunger and thrist for Jesus these days more than any time in my life.
    I also try to make spiritual communions throughout the day something I just relearned in my own life.
    Come Lord Jesus ...God Bless Louis and his tears !

  2. That's Saint Raymond's first miracle: his tall miter did not topple!


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