Fradd: 3 Shocking Quotes From Protestant Reformers on Contraception

Contraception is nothing new. Jason Evert shared with me that, “history records people using various methods of birth control four thousand years ago. Ancient people swallowed potions to cause temporary sterility; they used linens, wool, or animal skins as barrier methods; they fumigated the uterus with poison to keep it from bearing life. The Romans practiced contraception, but the early Christians stood out from the pagan culture because they refused to use it.”

As many now know, all of Christendom was unanimously against the use of contraception until the year 1930. It was during that year that the Anglican church in its seventh Lambeth conference permitted the use of birth control under limited circumstances.

Since that time the entire Protestant world has collapsed on this issue. Some even see contraception as virtuous, such as The Presbyterian Church (USA) who “full and equal access to contraceptive methods.” and have said that “contraceptive services are part of basic health care.” [1]

Many Protestants aren’t aware of how vociferously the Protestant reformers spoke out against contraception.
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