Some Wis. schools reportedly to teach fourth graders about masturbation

Some Wisconsin school districts are reportedly authorizing detailed sex education at elementary schools that includes such topics as masturbation.

According to, the Oak Creek School District near Milwaukee has developed a booklet for parents of elementary students to help them “understand how staff and outside resource people will handle these sensitive topics.”

The booklet, which covers topics including masturbation, sexual intercourse, sexual orientation, abortion and contraception, complements the Human Growth and Development curriculum that is found in different forms throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Some topics, such as masturbation, are open to the school board’s discretion in terms of teaching. Parents are sent letters before specific topics are taught and can remove their children from the curriculum.

According to, when it comes to a grade school student's questions about masturbation, staff will first define the term as “the stimulation of one’s own genitals for the purpose of achieving sexual pleasure.”

However, staff are advised not to answer questions about personal sexual experience.


  1. well it was taught in 7th grade where I went... in a world were relativity reigns Im surprised its only 4th grade

  2. Yes, I learned this in fourth grade as well back in 1994.

  3. I predict a spike in STDs and very early pregnancy in these school districts. At that point Planned Parenthood will come in to "save the day" by teaching kids THEIR methods of avoiding and "treating" both situations.

    I'm so glad that students will get the chance to opt out of these classes. I'm certain that none of them will be bullied, ostracized, or teased. I'm sure that none of them will get the "full scoop," with spin, out at recess on the playground. (Sorry, I don't know the emoticon for sarcasm, or I'd insert it here.)

    Actually I was taught the exact same things as these at my diocesan Catholic school in the 1990, but at least we were second-semester seniors in high school. The class was called "Adult Christian Living" or some such innocuous thing. "Adult 'Carnal' Living" was our "religion" class for that semester. The teacher was a married deacon, whom I have now heard is divorced and no longer practicing the faith. He was enthusiastic about everything except abortion.

    I don't know what would have happened to me if I knew the birds and the bees at ages nine to twelve. What I CAN guarantee you though is that the quadratic equation and the Third Law of Thermodynamics would not have been foremost on my mind. All those Saturday funeral masses for which I was the only altar server for years at my elderly parish -- I don't know that I would have been throwing those on my teenaged schedule either.

    I believe I'll continue to homeschool!


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