Gay ‘marriage’ won’t be legal in Wisconsin ‘anytime soon,’ Governor Scott Walker says

The state of Wisconsin will not change its definition of marriage “anytime soon,” according to Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Although state voters enacted a constitutional marriage protection amendment in 2006 with 59 percent of the vote, and polls show a majority of state residents do not support redefining marriage, the media asked the governor to address the issue this weekend at the National Governors Association meeting in Milwaukee.

Changing the state constitution “requires two consecutive sessions of the legislature, and ultimately, a vote of the people. I just don't see that being an issue that's going to be addressed anytime soon,” he said.

During a break at the meeting, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat and a Catholic, called on the Republican Walker to support gay “marriage” in order to fit in with surrounding states.

But the states bordering Wisconsin largely do not same-sex “marriage.” Minnesota changed the definition of marriage to include homosexuals on August 1.
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