Bill to make fresh milk again legal in Wisconsin

Right now, fresh milk (milk taken directly from cows) is illegal.

Farmers can be fined, taken to court, and even jailed for selling this product to willing consumers.

Does that make any sense to you? Me neither.

Right now is the time for us to change this.

Senate Bill 236 would legalize the sale of fresh milk, decriminalize innocent farmers, and allow consumers to buy the milk they choose.

You and I need to step up the pressure on our state Senators to cosponsor the new Fresh Milk Bill, so farmers can be free to sell their products.

Contact your Senator by clicking here
. Tell them to support the new Fresh Milk Bill, and ask them to cosponsor SB236 right away.
Campaign for Liberty

You may remember that farmer "friendly" Jim Doyle vetoed a bill passed by both parties a few years back.  It goes to show how bad the influence corporate farm lobbies have become in the dairy state. 

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