Madison Diocese beginning long-term process to renovate O’Connor Center

Just released today: the Diocese of Madison is likely going to begin the 60 year process of redeveloping the Bishop O’Connor Pastoral Center on Madison’s west side.

Considering the structural issues that they mention, as well as the massive operating defect (right at about half a million), I think this is a fantastic stewardship of their resources, particularly since it will return to diocesan control at the end of the arrangement, and will also be a revenue stream for the diocese, instead of a financial sink-hole. It’s definitely a long term project though: a 60 year lease to the development company. I’ll be around to see it returned to diocesan use, God willing, but many of you may not.

I have spent a lot of time at the BOC for many events, both attending them, and assisting behind the scenes with them, and I can tell you that while the front half of the building has recently been redone, and looks very nice, the building itself is still quite old, and not in the greatest shape. I’ve seen those back-end closets, and those hidden areas, and it’s not in the greatest shape.

Of course, this will require all of the diocesan offices, as well as the other offices renting space, such as Catholic Charities, the Relevant Radio 1240 studios, among others, to find new locations. I pray everything works out well for everyone in finding a new location for their offices. I will be interested to see where the diocesan offices are moved, assuming they go ahead with these plans.
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  1. The fact of the matter is that the Diocese is very short of money. It's also fighting to dispose of Holy Redeemer church property (not the church itself, so far.)

    That's not "a plan to renovate." It's "a plan to survive financially."


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