Bishop Ricken Blesses Future Home on the Range for Wyoming Catholic College

It has to be one of the most unique moments at a Catholic college this year: Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay stood in green vestments and a mitre under the big Wyoming sky, riding in a horse-drawn wagon behind a man in a cowboy hat, blessing 600 acres of empty prairie with holy water, according to County 10 News.

This very unique celebration was just another day in the life of one of the most unique Catholic colleges in the country –Wyoming Catholic College.

That prairie, known as The Broken Anvil Ranch, has long been the proposed site of Wyoming Catholic College’s permanent campus. The faithful Catholic college has been operating since 2007 in temporary facilities in Lander, Wyo., about 14 miles away from the Broken Anvil Ranch.

For now, the College intends to purchase cattle and keep them on the ranch for animal husbandry and ranching classes. The College eventually intends to build classrooms and dorms on the 600-acre site, which was donated to them by Francie Mortenson-Perkins.
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