Father Wisconsin

I like this guy.

A few other pics from KDM a couple Fridays ago.  I also recorded it, if anyone would find it helpful in starting their own chapter let me know.  Unfortunately it ran out of battery before benediction which is my favorite part when the choir makes me want to stand up on the pew and cheer. 


  1. Love Benediction as well...that Eastern setting of the Divine Praises makes me feel like I'm about to levitate or something!

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. With the organ vibrating the whole church. It is surreal.

  2. wanted to let you know in Milwaukee we are starting a group under the direction of the ICRSP called Sursum Corda, its not a mens group specifically, but could do something like that later. Still working with the Canons on what the groups purpose is and what they want us to focus on. I'll keep ya informed. Its for people 18 and older...WIP


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