Pro-Life Wisconsin first statewide organization to become associate of Personhood USA

via Pro-Life Wisconsin
Pro-Life Wisconsin, Inc. is proud to be the first statewide organization to become an associate member of Personhood USA! Since its founding in 2008, Personhood USA has been leading the fight for preborn personhood, working with legislators on a state and federal level as well as supporting grassroots organizations that are working to defend the dignity of the human person.

Together, we will collaborate to pass the Wisconsin Personhood Amendment and build a culture of life in the state of Wisconsin through legislative action, grassroots activism, and education.

“We are seeing great enthusiasm for personhood and believe it is the only way to truly bring an end to abortion in Wisconsin,” said Matt Sande, Legislative Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin. “The Wisconsin Personhood Amendment and our Personhood Wisconsin website will help advance personhood legislatively and educationally across our great state. We are proud to stand alongside Personhood USA and support each other in our efforts,” he said.

For the official Personhood USA press release, click here.


  1. Mixed reaction on this - Personhood USA is a no exceptions organization, including rape and incest ... PLW has been too weak to bring this about in Wisconsin - even with a republican governor and legislature. Until PLW gets effective leadership I don't think this means much - sorry to say.

  2. Cris, are you suggesting that the pro-life movement should make exceptions for rape and incest?


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