St. Pio, ora pro nobis!

Padre Eusebio said: "I was going to London by plane, against Padre Pio’s suggestion not to use this mean of transport. When we were flying over the Channel, a violent storm put the aeroplane in danger. Amid the general terror I prayed and, without knowing what to do, I sent my Guardian Angel to Padre Pio. When I went back to St. Giovanni Rotondo I met Padre Pio who said to me, 'Are you well? Is everything OK?' I answered, 'I thought I’d die,' the saintly padre responded, 'then why don't you obey?' I responded 'But I have sent you my Guardian Angel . . . ' Padre Pio then said, 'Fortunately, he arrived just in time!' " 
Padre Eusebio Notte was with Padre Pio from 1960 to 1965
Gotta love the smile!

also via a friend:

"Father [Pio], is it true that the Virgin is appearing to four girls in Spain?"
"Father, should we go to Garabandal?"
"Yes, why not."

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