Fecundophobia: Growing Fear of Children & Fertile Women

We have become a quite weird people. When I take my many children to the park people ask if our family is "blended" or if we have friends playing with our children. It would have been much more acceptable to many people we have talked to for us to have said we had children inside and outside of wedlock with multiple parties involved than to have told them we got married and had children inside that union. The most common complaint is "How can you pay for all these children?" Below we see that money doesn't seem to always (often?) be the concern. If an NFL quarterback is being singled out for his family size, what is the real cause?

Until very recently (not even a visible sliver in the pie chart of the history of human civilization) people had children with some regularity. How do we go from "A good family with many well-behaved children in tow at church every Sunday." to "My mother had five children and I had one when I was 38. He isn't at church this morning because he has hockey." Both of these are actual sentences I've heard from parishioners recently.

Last week Deadspin ran six sentences and a picture under the headline “Philip Rivers Is An Intense Weirdo.” The final two sentences about the San Diego Charger quarterback were blunt:

And he’s also about to have his seventh kid. There are going to be eight people with Rivers DNA running around this world.
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  1. I agree that there's unfair judgment of large families; but is there anything particularly holy about large families and unholy about small ones, or late-starting parents? Most definitely not; that's determined by circumstance and intention; two nuances that seem to be missing in this piece.


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