Green Bay Bishop Robert Morneau Granted Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Status

Bp. Ricken: 
On Oct. 7 Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Robert Morneau as the auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay. Having served in this capacity for over 35 years Bishop Bob, as he is affectionately known, has served under five bishops: Bishop Aloysius Wycislo, Adam Cardinal Maida, Bishop Robert Banks, Bishop David Zubik and myself. Some would say he deserves a purple heart just for that, having the flexibility to adjust to five different personalities and five different styles of episcopal leadership. All I know is that often I thank God for Bishop Bob Morneau and for the gift that he is to this diocese and to the church in the United States.

Bishop Morneau has reached the age of retirement for bishops. We have to submit our resignation at the age of 75, not before and not after, and the Holy Father has decided to accept his resignation. That means that Bishop Morneau will remain a bishop, but will not have all of the responsibilities of the office as vicar general, which include many meetings and other obligations which he has performed tirelessly over these many years. The bishop has agreed to remain pastor of Resurrection Parish here in Allouez for at least one more year.

The reason I say “thank God for Bishop Morneau” is the countless times he has been of assistance to me for advice, in helping with the many (80) confirmation ceremonies we have in our diocese every year. He will continue to help with confirmation ceremonies and I know that all of you appreciate his and Bishop Banks’ presence so much for the celebration of confirmations.
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  1. I have a question: If Bishop Bob was such a great auxiliary, why did he spend 35 yrs at it without every being appointed as an ordinary?

    That sort of tenure at auxiliary calls to mind Gumbleton and Sklba.

  2. He was offered his own diocese but turned it down to remain with us here in GB


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