More on the Wausau grinches

Wausau schools Superintendent Kathleen Williams
came under heavy criticism at the special
Wausau School Board meeting.
“There was a complete disregard for the established process for implementing change of this magnitude within the district,” McKee said. “In times of unrest such as this, we need leadership, and that has been totally missing since this began.”

McKee said he wants to know how the debate about religious music in schools started. He said he asked Williams for the answer twice and has yet to receive a reply.

Freedom From Religion received complaints from Wausau-area residents in the past, but Gaylor said the group did not have anything to do with the issue now confronting the district. Past complaints from the area were about religion in music, she said.  [Even FFRF is distancing itself from this!!]

Teresa Ruhl’s son is a member of the Master Singers. She said she plans to attend the Thursday School Board meeting[last night] to get answers to questions that have plagued her family since they were told about the group’s hiatus. She wants to know what sparked the issue and who or what group first brought it to administrators’ attention.
Wausau Herald

And today
A few speakers pointed out the need for balance. Dan Danson, the rabbi of the Mount Sinai Synagogue in Wausau, said it can be uncomfortable for Jewish students to perform predominantly Christian music. [oye!..... for a Christmas Concert.... perhaps the source of the friction?]

Buch met with Superintendent Kathleen Williams on Wednesday and the two began to work out a compromise that is still being hammered out. But the Master Singers will resume practicing on Monday.

Speakers on Thursday night targeted much of their anger toward Williams, who said the administrators never intended to ban sacred Christian music entirely, nor did it impose a ratio.

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