I need to get in line



  1. Maybe because the Mass-goers are afraid of Fr. Flynn's judgment and go to other parishes for confession.

    Also, "I'm a fithy liberal"? Is the spelling error intentional so that it would match absurd immaturity of the new option?

    1. Fair enough, sick of people "Yuck"ing photos of Pope Benedict.

  2. hey Christian,
    Maybe they aren't lining up for confession because they don't have scrupulosity problems. Maybe Fr. Flynn has the problem.
    More seriously this is the wrong approach. I just attended a retreat/mission put on by John Michael Talbot. He said only 17% of Catholics go to mass once a month or more. If we cannot reverse this trend our Church will become extinct. That is something to think about. And what a shame if we don't reverse this trend.
    We need to stop worrying about personal sin and human reproduction if we want the people back. Otherwise we are just preaching to the choir.

  3. I don't think the new option is any better. Aren't we Catholic? I thought Catholicism crossed the dichotomous definitions of liberal and conservative transcends attempts to pigeon hole the faith using either adjective by upholding truths from both ends of the political spectrum? Prolife and anti-death penality; pro education, pro-health care, pro-immigrant reform, and maintain ancient celebacy. It's a both/and tradition, not an either/or.


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