Kenosha priest removed and investigated for Facebook posts

An ongoing investigation has led to the removal of the Rev. Ireneusz Chodakowski as pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church.

The probe, according to a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, is for Chodakowki’s alleged “lack of good judgment” regarding use of social media.

An anonymous parishioner told the Kenosha News that Chodakowski is “accused of using his Facebook account to share pornography, primarily with adults, but occasionally with minors.”

The parishioner said he was at Saturday’s Mass when the Rev. Bill Hayward read a prepared statement saying Chodakowski would be replaced by another priest “for at at least three weeks until somebody else could replace him more permanently.”

According to the parishioner, Chodakowski allegedly rebuffed a parish employee’s requests that he “make changes in the video content of his Facebook account,” apparently to prevent minors from seeing “pornographic images (Chodakowski) was distributing.”

That employee, the parishioner said, then attempted to contact the Rev. Kazimir Chwalek, the provincial superior of Chodakowski’s religious order, the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception based in Stonebridge, Mass.

When Chwalek apparently did not return the employee’s phone messages, the employee called the archdiocese, and officials there instructed Chwalek “to act immediately” as the allegations against Chodakowski “would likely result in a felony charge.”
Porn charge denied

Archdiocese spokeswoman Julie Wolf confirmed Chodakowski’s removal and temporary appointment of Hayward, who is pastor of Holy Rosary Catholic Church and Parish, as St. Peter administrator in Chodakowski’s absence.

Wolf denied that Chodakowski was removed due to sharing pornography with adults and minors. 
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Note: Chodakowski is not a diocesan priest, he is a MIC.



  1. "Wolf denied that Chodakowski was removed due to sharing pornography with adults and minors."

    Then what was he removed for, Miss Wolf?

    1. I know the truth in this story and this article is far from the truth. Father was not removed from the parish. He was placed on an administrative leave. Father Bill Hayward indicated that Father Ireneusz might be back in three weeks (7 p.m. Mass, Sunday 11/17). He did not indicate a replacement would arrive in three weeks. I am Facebook friends with Father Ireneusz and I saw the post in question. I know there have been horrible cases of abuse in the Church, but this is not one of those cases. This is a case of how gossip can get exaggerated and ruin lives. Father shared one story (an ill advised "share") that warned of the dangers of a new trend- young adult sex parties. The text of the story was in Polish. Unfortunately, a picture that contained nudity accompanied the story. Was it not very smart to share this- absolutely. Does it mean he all of a sudden has a history of sharing porn- absolutely not. Those that decided to gossip without knowing the facts should be ASHAMED of themselves. ....and by the way, my teenage daughter also saw the post, didn't read it because it was in Polish, but thought the picture seemed out of character compared to his usual posts....and she put it out of her mind. That is, until all these stories, these lies decided to become "fact" in the media so quick to judge based on gossip. Kenosha, SE Wisconsin, and anybody that contributed to this gossip should be ASHAMED of themselves and what the gossip has done the reputation of a good man. My family, including my children, are devastated. P.S. Father had a right to be concerned about the trend. Although I had never heard about this type of "party", my high school age daughter HAD heard about these parties.

    2. The trouble with people now a days is they have nothing better to do than make gossip out of everything and stir up trouble for good people, especially priests . They all get sterotyped because of a few bad ones and that isn't right. Get your facts right people!!

    3. They have a zero tolerance for suspicious behavior, read the full story. And he was cleared. I know this guy and he meant NO harm.

  2. Fr. I was pastor at my church in Portland, Maine. The man is an Oak, without a harmful bone is his body. It pains me to know that he will probably never get his reputation back, dispute the fact that he did nothing wrong. He's not just a good priest, he's one of the best men I know. I'm praying hard for him and his parish... God save us all.


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