St. Gertrude the Great, ora pro nobis!

A most invaluable resource for the study of St Gertrude the Great and her works is a Ph. D thesis by Laura Marie Grimes

In particular she discusses the similarities between the works of St Gertrude and St Augustine`s Confessions:
"Gertrud’s Memoriale, which became Book II of Legatus,[is similar to] to Augustine’s Confessions.

Beyond the similarity of style, Gertrud’s work uses key images, themes, and phrases found in Augustine’s.

Like him, she tells her story of ongoing conversion to praise God and form a community that praises God by attention to the work of grace in their own hearts as well as those of the writer.

Both Gertrud and Augustine see the incarnate Word of God as piercing the human heart with a transforming assurance of God’s mercy, making it a “book” in which the story of salvation is read anew in every generation."
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  1. You mean *this* Laura Marie Grimes??
    "an Independent Catholic clergywoman, spiritual director, seminary professor, author, hymn writer, and leader of retreats and groups including “Discovering the Divine Feminine” and “Mother’s Comfort.” She is from Dayton, Ohio, USA"

    One really has to wonder just how valuable her work on Gertrude would be to Catholic.

    1. Whoa! Okay, yep, you would be correct.


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