Fanatic Friday: Party, Kiramu, Fiesta Forever Edition

It's time for the weekend. Are you ready to celebrate? Are you ready to celebrate all night long?

I know I am.

I've been eagerly waiting all week to see if Matt was going to post a Fanatic Friday (which I realized I've been mistakenly calling the "Friday Fanatic." And it's now 4 p.m. so I think I can take the liberty of posting my own. And it's going to be even better than Toto was last week.

I can't believe how awesome this song is. With increasing frequency, I've been thinking about how awesome the 80s must have been and how I'm sad I wasn't old enough to fully enjoy them.

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  1. You know not what you ask.
    God willed that you live in this time and place. Whether you realize it or not, in longing with sadness for some other era, you are failing to embrace God's will for you to live here and now.

    You are also cherry-picking selections from the '80s without regard to the prevailing culture that arose directly out of the '70s Me Decade. As someone who DID live through the '80s, I can say you really don't understand what you're asking. This party attitude fueled the contraceptive and abortion culture that you're fighting now. Take a moment and look at the number of babies who were aborted to keep that party going.

    The '80s were the antithesis to the Catholic life of prayer and penance.


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