When milk is not milk: Dairy Industry Pushing To Expand Definition Of ‘Milk’

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Good old-fashioned milk – packed with protein, calcium and micronutrients – has landed in the middle of a food fight with sugary sodas, sports drinks, even bottled water.

Overall, sales of milk are down a whopping 25 percent since 1975. The dairy industry is now trying to rise to the top with a new plan that focuses on flavored milk like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

The plan leaves some with a sour taste in their mouth. The desired target is kids, and while children can greatly benefit from the nutrients in milk, nutritionists are not in support of the plan.

According to a petition filed with the FDA, this plan would change the very definition of what milk is. It would change what’s called the “standard of identify” for milk and for 17 other dairy products.

“The dairy industry is simply interested in selling more products – that’s all they’re interested in. They want to sell more milk,” said Professor Marion Nestle, Nestle is the Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, and author of many books on food, politics and public health.

The change would allow dairy producers to add artificial sweeteners to flavored milk without having to clearly say so on the front. Flavored Milk that is currently sweetened with artificial sweeteners would no longer be called a dairy drink, but milk.

Imagine if you’re shopping: under the proposal, a bottle of low-calorie chocolate milk would look just like a bottle of regular chocolate milk from the front. The only difference would be noticeable on the back of the product, under the ingredient list. And the artificial sweetener would not be listed as the well-known brand names but as their scientific names. According to some nutritionists, that will make it very difficult for consumers, parents and kids to know what they are buying.
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Meanwhile in Wisconsin, it is illegal to purchase raw milk, something that hopefully will be remedied soon.


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