Why MJ roundup

Why does my name appear as MJ Korger now instead of Badger Catholic?  Well Blogger kept telling me to use this Google+ profile thingy.  I thought everything on the surface would stay the same but I guess not.  Actually I was also hoping to syndicate my posts with Google+ like they are on Facebook and Twitter but that doesn't even work(with scheduled posts anyway which pretty much all of these are).  And then times like this make me think about the fact I haven't really done anything new on here for a while.  I never even finished the header stuff.  Anywho, I put that back on the list, right after new parish website and Knights DM in La Crosse, but before La Crosse Latin Mass Society.

I'm headed to the Packer game this weekend.  My wife has never been to a game before - and so Aaron Rodgers gets hurt the week before - *sigh*.  Hoping to get pictures of the Green Bay Cathedral, which is likely the best looking Cathedral in the state.  Sometimes people are happy to have someone snapping pictures in their church, and sometimes they think I'm some high tech thief who is only eying up what I'm going to steal later.  Maybe I should wear a ski mask. 

I was hoping to do another roundup on the Minneapolis situation; next week.

JS snuck a Call to Action article in(along with Women of Christ - 1700 women!).  I didn't agree with the premise so I didn't repost it.  Ask a young Catholic what Call to Action is.  Nobody has a clue, and then when explained to them they ask why they still want to be Catholic.  I can't believe I just wasted that much space on the topic.

Let me rewrite the previous paragraph: 

Catholic Drinkie asked me about what the best downtown Milwaukee bars are.  Good suggestions on Twitter, but this made me realize that along with a Latin Mass listing I should probably have a listing of best bars in the state. 

Aaahhhh, there's something about the end of a software release.  Like a peace filled calm after a storm, the glowing green foliage, birds again able to chirp to their hearts desire....  I used to be better at "leaving it at work" but not so much anymore.  I need to relearn how to use that muscle.  I've noticed how much stress I carry around with me every day.  'Taint good.

I am behind on email.  I'm not ignoring your emails.  If fact, as a rule I generally need a week to reply to any given email.  Don't feel bad, I really appreciate all the info and tips I get.   

Speaking of things I should do on here, remember back in the day when I used to have posts where I find old pictures of our churches?  Like this and this?  I gotta get back to that.  I think that was one of the reason I started this blog. 


  1. Could you post a picture with the state of Wisconsin showing all the Latin Mass locations?? It would be nice to see!!

    1. Whoops, I just noticed my side link was wrong. Here's the updated list:


      Yes, I'll make a map. Good idea, it's on my TODO list.

  2. Future employers will ignore your resume and just check your web postings, now that everyone knows your name.

    Have a fun weekend.

    1. Yes, that too! Every single comment now will be scrutinized. My only hope will be to die a martyr so that I can skip the whole review process and skip strait to insertion into the litany.

  3. La Crosse Latin Mass Society should go hand-in-hand with a La Crosse KDM. Lex orandi, lex credendi!

    And I agree, the Cathedral in Green Bay is absolutely stunning. I hope to go next time they have traditional Confirmations there for ICKSP.


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