Wisconsin State Senate bumps pro-life and religious freedom bills

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Just yesterday, the State Senate indicated it would vote next Tuesday, November 12, on two important pieces of pro-life legislation.  One of the two bills (AB 216) also has a religious freedom component that is very important to Wisconsin churches and religious organizations.

  • Assembly Bill 216 will protect Wisconsin taxpayers from having to pay for the abortions of state employees and will protect many religious institutions from being forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Assembly Bill 217 will prohibit the shameful practice of performing abortions based on the sex of the child. 
However, this afternoon we learned that it appears the Senate has changed its schedule, and these bills will not receive a vote this coming Tuesday.

It is critical that these bills be voted on next week.  The Senate will not be back on the floor until January 2014 and the session will be over shortly after that.

Both of these bills have already been approved by the State Assembly.  All that is needed is for the State Senate to approve them so they can go to Governor Walker for his signature.

Please don't delay!  Click here to email your State Senator TODAY and urge him/her to do everything possible to have AB 216 and AB 217 voted on by the Senate next week!

We have prepared an email message you can send as is or you can delete the contents and write your own (which we strongly encourage).  

Thank you for standing with us for life and religious freedom!
Wisconsin Family Action


  1. Scott Fitzgerald, who has designs on the Governor's chair, will NOT move those bills b/c of the Fall campaigns upcoming. The Party of Lies and Murder (D) intends to emit their harpy-screech and tell voters that the (R)s are conducting a war on women.

    And the (R) leggies have no idea whatsoever how to counteract that lie.

  2. "We'd like to end on a noncontroversial note," said Dan Romportl, spokesman for Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald on why the bills were not scheduled for a vote. They could come up next year, he said. ..."

    I'm glad they seem to acknowledge that killing innocent, vulnerable children just might be controversial but not controversial enough to try to stop the killing, it appears. Is it any wonder why abortion is still legal? With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

    "...The Senate will use its final working day of the year focused on proposals aimed at creating jobs and improving the economy, Romportl said.

    His message echoes that of Walker, who on Thursday distanced himself from the abortion bills, which he previously has said he supports and that already have passed the Assembly.

    "To me, it's not on my radar if it's not about jobs, balancing the budget or lowering taxes," Walker said. ..."

    I hope I have a chance to ask Gov. Walker whether a vote for him should be on my pro-life radar because without life, there are no jobs, there are no balanced budgets nor lower taxes.

    Why does it seem it's only the pro-lifers who are thrown under the bus and are still expected to keep voting for people who try to convince us they didn't really throw us under the bus? Explain to me again why choosing the lesser of two evils is still acceptable to some when the end result is the same?


    Thank God for God!


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