You report: Fr. Michael Gaitley even in Madison

I was told it was standing room only, an excellent event.


  1. It was absolutely incredible! I feel so sorry for everyone who missed it. The mass, the vespers, the talk by Fr. Gaitley, all were filled with grace and beauty. We left feeling happy, lifted, blessed and we were still smiling and basking in the warmth of that evening all weekend long. I only wish we had a video. Something really funny, my husband told Fr. Heilman that he had felt chills running up and down his spine several times and until that moment I thought I was the only one that it had happened to and hadn't even said anything to my husband. There were several times when he was talking about the grace of God entering and being there with him and their mission that we were physically effected by learning of such grace. It's one of those, "You had to be there" things but I am hearing we weren't the only ones that felt the presence and grace that night. It was a priceless gift everyone received who were able to attend and witness. How awesome would it be if we could do it again? We'd have to have it at a larger church and lecture hall because I without a doubt know that everyone there last Friday would bring as many friends and family members as they could with them. And the fire has been ignited and will spread. . . :)

  2. The event was live tweeted on the KDM twitter @kofdivinemercy


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