Abp. Nienstedt steps aside amidst allegations of inappropriately touching boy

SNAP is making I think some major mistakes here...  They run the risk of illegitimizing every true crime that they claim to be rooting out.   They didn't pour it on as much in Milwaukee, maybe because the Archdiocese had already declared bankruptcy?  Or is this because +Nienstedt defended natural marriage?  I'm not sure. 

I mean, this makes sense if it's the homosexualists, because they can use this to throw at him after he is vindicated.  Their agenda has always been less concerned with true justice than SNAP has been.  Maybe now they hope he won't try to defend Christians in MN civil law, and maybe will get with the times and change the Western teaching of natural law in the process.  And actually, SNAP gets the blame for overreaching on their prosecution if this whole thing blows up in that case. 

Now everyone is waiting for the accusers to go to the police.... assuming they will now actually seek to press charges, otherwise... what's the point right?  It's going to look very bad if this is the boy who cried wolf.  

The circus has moved out of the curia in St. Paul to a mob of lunatics across the street who will say and do anything to get what they want. 
The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today announced that an allegation has been brought by a mandated reporter within the Church to the St. Paul Police of inappropriate touching of a minor male on the buttocks by Archbishop John Nienstedt. The single incident is alleged to have occurred in 2009 during a group photography session with the archbishop following a confirmation ceremony. Archbishop Nienstedt emphatically denies the allegation. Upon learning of the allegation last week, the archdiocese instructed the mandated reporter to make the matter known to the police. The archbishop and the archdiocese stand ready to cooperate fully with the St. Paul Police.

After consultation with the Holy Father’s ambassador to the United States (the papal nuncio), the archbishop will voluntarily step aside from all public ministry while this matter is being investigated, effective immediately. Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piché, in his role as a vicar general, will cover all of the archbishop’s public duties during this time. Father Charles Lachowitzer continues in his position as a vicar general and moderator of the curia.

The archdiocese is mindful of the due process concerns of those involved. There must be justice and due consideration of the rights and dignity of every human person, both the individual involved and the archbishop. This is not only the bedrock of our beliefs as Catholics, but also of the justice system of our country.
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 +Nienstedt letter

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  1. As an Archdiocese native this is tough stuff to come back to, though with Minneapolis rivaling Madison as an increasingly liberal city I can't say I'm all that surprised. Many prayers their way during this rough time.


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