Marshfield's St. John the Baptist Altar Renovations

Fr. Martin hits a home run!  This is very cool.
MARSHFIELD — The altar renovation underway at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is a sight to behold, with the cleaned and polished altar wood gleaming in the glow from the sections covered in new gold leaf.

“It is very beautiful. It is a gift to God, and it honors the entire community,” said the Rev. Samuel Martin, a priest at St. John’s, 201 W. Blodgett St., about the almost 115-year-old high altar, which soars toward the domed church ceiling.

A church is meant to be open to all and enjoyed by everyone regardless of wealth or status, Martin said.

“Some would say the money (used for the renovation) should be spent for the poor. This is a work of art for everyone,” he said.

The church doors are open throughout workday hours for anyone to see the altar, Martin said.

“Because of its beauty, (the altar) causes wonder and awe in our hearts, which is reverence. A church, by its nature, is supposed to bring about those sentiments so we can worship God,” Martin said.
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