Milwaukee Archdiocese Said To Be In Talks With Insurers

Clergy abuse victims in Milwaukee say they're being left out of potential bankruptcy settlement talks involving the Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese, but the Archdiocese says the victims are being kept up to date.

It's coming up on three years since the Milwaukee Archdiocese declared bankruptcy. Archbishop Jerome Listecki has spent $11 million on lawyers' fees trying to limit the amount of money paid to the more than 500 people who say they were sexually abused by local Catholic clergy. Recently, insurance companies started buying back policies they sold to the archdiocese as a way of limiting liability.

Peter Isely of the Survivors and Clergy Leadership Alliance says the church and insurers are talking behind closed doors, and he worries the victims won't get a fair offer. “Money ... in our society, is about what we care about, what we value,” Isely said. “We think it's going to be very revealing when that number is released to the court, what exactly the Archbishop values and who he values.”
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Sorry but Isely's comment says way more about him than it says about the Archdiocese.

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