MinnSt.Paul Archdiocese's list shows it kept secret seven priests credibly accused of sexually abusing children

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis acknowledged Thursday that it had kept secret for decades the names of at least seven Catholic priests it considers credibly accused of sexually abusing children.

Archbishop John Nienstedt revealed the names on a list of 34 priests posted to an archdiocese website. The names are from a list the archdiocese created in 2009 of priests accused of child sexual abuse. However, Nienstedt now says four of the priests should not have been included.

• Breaking news: Archdiocese names 30 priests linked to child sexual abuse over six decades

Three-fourths of the priests on the list are already known to the public through lawsuits and media reports. The 34 priests served in nearly half of the archdiocese’s parishes.

"These disclosures being made now, and the changes in our disclosure practices generally, are part of a comprehensive and cohesive set of actions we have been taking here in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis this fall to address the issues associated with clergy sexual misconduct," Nienstedt said in a statement.
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I have a half baked recap somewhere in the drafts.  Summary, it's bad news, and SNAP's golddiggin. 



  1. Just a thought...I'm not sure why your first response to this news is "SNAP's golddiggin"...how about acknowledging the children and their parents who suffered at the hands of these sexual predators. Maybe a little compassion? These "golddiggin" victims were the very same loyal, dedicated and faithful Catholics who once sat in the pew next to you on Sunday. Rather than disparage SNAP Catholics need to take some responsibility for the actions of their church.

    1. If you are new to this blog, you will have missed several posts where I've commented on SNAP and the Milwaukee situation(sometimes claiming "SNAP is right". I want criminals CRIMINALLY charged. That's the whole point. Nobody is opposed to reasonable settlement, but if you truly thing that Jeff Anderson and Peter Isely are not about maximizing profits, you are mistaken. In Milwaukee, SNAP continued to try to raid PARISH funds - to take money from the poor people in the pews. Again, I'm not against financial settlements, but how can anyone think it is okay for these heinous creeps to walk free? We need a SNAP that focuses on justice as well, not just financial retribution.


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