The church bat that might providentially find a cure for rabies

So after a couple of sisters and myself watched a zombie movie, we were researching how the zombie apocalypse will start. Joking aside, we found this fascinating video about girl who contracted rabies during Mass at St. Patrick's Church in Fond du Lac, Wis.(which happened to look somewhat wreckovated in the video).  Warning, the video is somewhat graphic. 
This documentary tells about 15 year old, Jeanna Giese, from Wisconsin in the USA, who survived rabies thanks to an innovative and desperate treatment tried out on her by Dr. Rodney Willougby. His technique involved putting her into a deep coma allowing her body to begin an antibody response to the disease that let Jeanna gradually regained normal function. Subsequent testing of the same technique did not have such good results.

Two years ago, 15 year old Jeanna Giese became the first person, without the aid of a vaccination, to survive Rabies. Rabies is a killer, one of our most ancient and deadly enemies. When doctors see the symptoms, there is nothing they can do. Rabies is 100% fatal.

In the history of humanity, no-one has survived rabies. Once the virus gets into the host body, it moves swiftly through the nervous system, hijacks the brain and always kills the host. As many as 100,000 people die from rabies every year, most of them in the developing world. The smallest bite, a single drop of saliva, will kill. Children are very often the victims.

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  1. Praise God! I hope that the spinal antibody test is the litmus test for this procedure. I think that Jeanna Giese had a lot going for her: [1] Positive attitude [2] Strong immune system [3] Relatively active lifestyle. Maybe those 3 factors, and the Doctor's responding to the inspirations from God all helped her.


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