Dumb Ox, ora pro nobis!

"The Church has ever proved indestructible. Her persecutors have failed to destroy her; in fact, it was during times of persecution that the Church grew more and more; while the persecutors themselves, and those whom the Church would destroy, are the very ones who came to nothing. Again, errors have assailed her; but in fact, the greater the number of errors that have arisen, the more has the truth been made manifest. Nor has the Church failed before the assaults of demons: for she is like a tower of refuge to all who fight against the Devil." 

-St. Thomas Aquinas

via The Catholic Gentleman


By the way, anyone know why his feast was moved?

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  1. Probably to take his feast out of the possibly-Lenten time.

    But, the whole 1970 calendar ought to be scrapped, IMHO.


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