Father Z performs the Blessing for Epiphany Water at Pine Bluff

The other day I posted about special blessings of sacramentals for Epiphany, including the Blessing for Epiphany Water.

As a follow up, since the blessing of Epiphany Water is reserved to bishops and to priests with permission from their bishop, I asked for and obtained said permission and, with the help of a great group of guys, blessed around 25 gallons yesterday, along with a lot of salt and a bunch of chalk.

No myrrh, alas.

Here is one shot.
This was not a scheduled event for the parish. Instead we blended it together with a regular meeting of a men’s group at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff (D. Madison) where Fr. Heilman reigns supreme. I have written of his before. Just click this tag to be amazed at all the irons this guy has in the fire. HERE. (Get one of his rosaries: see the right side bar.)
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  1. I was there, second cantor on the right. It was KILLER. Totally should have come down for it, Matt

    1. I'm getting all these message from Pipes & Pints and I'm like... .why do I live so far away. *sigh*!! Probably will be at Feb KDM

  2. We celebrated Epiphany with high Mass at St. Mary's as well. It was beautiful! Salt, Holy Water, and chalk all blessed and ready for use. :)


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