New Years resolutions

A week late and a buck short.
1. Smoke more.  Seriously.  I do not spend enough time slowing down and reflecting on life.

2. Drink less.  New Years reminded me how obnoxious I am capable of becoming.  I know, it sounds very Protestant but trust me, less is probably still more than most.

3. Exercise more.  I sit at a desk all day.  Gotta do it. I'm doing Insanity right now.  (no the pictures aren't switched)

4. Dance more.  .... Not liturgically of course. We have been given the gift of Joy in this place of sorrows.

5. Worry less.  That doesn't mean I'm going to stick my head in the sand or anything, but I do not control the cosmos.  


  1. These could be my resolutions! Except for your typo - SB 'drink more' I think.

    1. No it is less.. you mean number 2? Yeah, I'm saying drinking less (which is probably still more than most folks care to drink)..... wait... you are just messing with me. Drink more only if it's Trappist beer.

  2. Ha, I know the guy in the Beer runner picture. Yea, you won't want to fall into grave sin because of something as silly as excessive drinking.


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