TPE: Minor Seminary, major spin

Someone once said the most interesting things tend to be in the middle of a Milwaukee Catholic Herald article, and I find that our Archdiocese's Chancery sometimes also buries the lede.

A couple years back it was headline news in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that our Archdiocese did not actually own its Cousins Center headquarters property (see my earlier post Archbishop rent his garments?) Our Archdiocese posted a clarification, Cousins Center (5/18/11), to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, saying,

"The Communication Office felt that the timing of the article, as well as the bias of the headline, was unfortunate. Here are the facts:"

The facts then listed have a conspicuous absence regarding the period between the formation of the Seminary corporation on October 16, 1961 and notation of its ownership "in [Archdiocesan] financial statements as far back as 2004".

Note 1 to the financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2004, page 10, says the Seminary contributes occupancy of the Cousins Center to the Archdiocese. There was then no lease and no payment of rent.
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